3 Reasons Thick Girls Love Fall

The leaves are changing colors and the Uggs are making more frequent appearances, we know that it all means one thing.. Fall is rearing its beautiful breezy head. It seems like the in between seasons always treat us thicker ladies kindly.. well that’s an understatement. Lets be honest. for all my chubby girls out there we adore fall for a wide range of reasons, but these are my favorite.

Goodbye Summer Stress Im sure you’ve heard the joke that the heat doesn’t agree with larger people but I assure you this is no joke. I don’t think I’m the only thick woman who will tell you I hate the summer. But what’s worse is summer fashion! I hate GETTING DRESSED in the summer! I know there are some plus sized ladies out there who can attest to the horrors of keeping your body cool and still covering up those little nooks and crannies we don’t love quite so much. Now if you’re a fly lady you will be fly no matter the season but theres not quite a guarantee on comfort. Something about summer fashion is never quite the nicest to our kind, but fall fashion…. Oh honey you better watch out! Sweater tights, and boots, and scarves oh my! It’s a plus size girls heaven to dress up for the fall!

Cuddling As the temperatures get colder and the clothes begin to appear it seems like skinny girls loose a little of their edge. Everyone knows deep down in his heart of hearts every man wants some thick lovin’ & the cold weather creates the perfect opportunity for them to start seeking out a full figured and warm bodied cuddle buddy. It’s cuffing season ladies time to break out your fiercest fall looks because you should best believe that the boys are watching the way those sweater tights are hugging every god blessed curve. 😉

Color Love Another beautiful thing about fall fashion for us thick ladies is the announcement of fall colors. It seems that it’s impossible for the colors introduced in autumn to disagree with us! This year we have oxblood, black, mustard, & navy. Score! How amazing are we going to look in these colors ladies! Say goodbye to those horrid muumuu summer prints that they plaster across the plus size corner and embrace some fierce fall color blocking!

If you’re looking for some fall inspiration check out Bloomingdales Style Guide: The Plus Edition.

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