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Lipstick Noir: Lisa Jean-Francois

Lipstick Noir Lisa A La Mode Cover

Lipstick Noir Lisa A La Mode Cover
In honor of National Lipstick Day I am launching Lipstick Noir. Lipstick Noir is a project that celebrates the beauty of women of color and a love of lipstick. Each week I will feature a new woman of color rocking a shade of lipstick. I know when I want to buy a lipstick I like to see it swatched on a skin tone similar to mine, since that hot pink doesn’t look the same on me as it does on the white model in the picture. With your help I want to build a space for women of color to reference lip colors, find new ones, and celebrate how dope we can look in any shade under the sun.

The very first Lipstick Noir beauty is Lisa Jean-Francois of Lisa A La Mode.

 Lipstick Noir Lisa A La Mode


LIPSTICK: LA Splash Cosmetics Studio Shine Waterproof Lip Lustre in “Alice”


LIGHTING: Natural, No Flash

COMMENTS: According to Lisa this is a highly pigmented and well priced lipstick. While it may be hard to find in stores, it’s worth it to purchase.






Want to be featured as a Lipstick Noir Beauty? Head over to the Lipstick Noir Page and send in your submission! Come be a part of a celebration!

Shopping Addict’s Guide To Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Guide

Amazon Prime Guide

I have a confession, I’m an Amazon addict. Anytime I even think I may want something I hop on Amazon and find it in minutes. Now I’m not just addicted to Amazon, I’m addicted to Amazon Prime, free two day shipping, product guarantee, unlimited music and movie streaming; I’ve essentially forgotten what it was like before I had prime, I’ve got pretty much everything I’ve wanted or needed right at my finger tips. I live for my prime membership and with Amazon Prime Day right around the corner I’m happy that I’ve got my Amazon Prime membership so I can hit up all these better than Black Friday deals. Not sure if Amazon Prime is worth it for you well here’s a few of the best ways to use it.

(Note: I’m not getting paid to say any of this about Amazon, I genuinely just love it and want you to benefit from Amazon Prime Day.)

Beauty supplies

Tony Moly Amazon Prime9 out of 10 times you can find your Sephora beauty staples on Amazon and usually for a better price. Take these Tony MOLY face masks (I swear by the red wine one!); at sephora a pack of 2 masks will cost you about $7.50, on Amazon Prime it costs you about $15 for 10 of them. Do the math on that, at Sephora that costs you $3.75 a mask and on Amazon Prime it costs you about $1.50, plus it’s delivered free to your door in 2 days and you didn’t even have to get out of bed.


Panache Bra Amazon PrimeNow I’m no tiny chick in any area but buying bras has always been an entire, stressful, event for me, that is until I discovered Amazon Prime. My bra size is hard to come by and I needed a good quality sports bra, so when I heard about the Panache sports bra I nearly flipped. After studying the site prices and shipping, I was getting stressed out all over again until Amazon Prime came to my rescue. Not only did they have the bra in my size but there were a ton of great colors, they were sold by Panache just through Amazon Prime which meant a slight discount and free 2 day shipping. Prime for the win again. Now that I know my favorite bra and bra size I just hop on Amazon Prime, order them off my wish list and wait for them to show up on my doorstep.


Glasses Amazon PrimePeople always ask me about my glasses, I’m obsessed with having avant garde and funky frames on at all times, even though I have no prescription. Some sites that specialize in funky shades will charge you as much as $20 to $30 a pair. If you’re willing to do the search, you can find the same glasses for sometimes as little as $8, and the cheaper they are, the  more of them you can have. I own a few pairs of specs in every color thanks to Amazon Prime. Not to mention all the fun random hair pins and chains I’ve ordered over time.

Now with all those ideas, keep in mind that Amazon Prime Day promises to bring you deals as often as every 10 minutes all day on July 15th, and the only way to access them is through an Amazon Prime membership. A one year membership is $100 and a student one year prime membership is $50. The great thing about Amazon Prime is you get a free 30 day trial to give it a test run, which still qualifies you for all the perks of Amazon Prime Day. You can always cancel after the 30 days and you won’t be charged, but honestly Amazon Prime is a worthwhile investment.

As an added bonus, if you really don’t like online shopping, I will do it for you. If you fill out the form below I will do my best to find you exactly what you’re looking for within 24 hours. There’s no fee, I will send you the link to my Amazon store where I will put the time you requested and you just hit the link and purchase. I will get a tiny percent of the sale, but the cost of the item is not increased for you at all. How can you say no to a free personal shopper?

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for constant updates on the deals rolling in on Prime Day!

Want A Personal Amazon Shopper?

3 Signs Your Date Won’t End Well

Signs Your Date Won't End Well

When it comes to dating some dread the idea, some can’t wait, and others just aren’t even phased by the thought; but no matter the emotion, no girl wants a bad date. A bad date is a waste of time, a mood killer, & depending on how bad it is may even be a self esteem killer. As someone who has had her fair share of terrible dates I can honestly say that there are a few tell tale signs that let you know that your date may take a turn from bad to worse, assuming it ever took off to begin with.

 Before You Even Date

Depending on how you met your potential date, be it in person or via one of the million dating apps and sites, a guy’s interaction with you before you actually go on a date can say a lot about what will go down once you finally get there. When you meet a guy online and he opens with calling you sweetie, hun, boo, princess or any variation, you should be concerned. You have a name and he should learn it, not to mention the intimacy he openly invited into the situation without any cues from you. Guys like this tend to be overly concerned about making you bae without really knowing anything about you. On the flip, beware the guy who doesn’t really talk much but is insistent that he’d rather meet in person. Some people really are in inherently internet shy & prefer real life interaction, but other guys are usually about seeing you in person to get their hands on you. It’s rare that he’s really saving up all of his good conversation for face to face interaction, if there’s no chemistry that was a loss for you both. A few messages/conversations that establish mutual interests & some fun banter are a good lead into a date, it’s never a great idea to fly absolutely blind.

Not For Your Convenience

Something I learned from ,The Male Think Tank of Twenties Unscripted, is that a guy who cares even a little about something with you will try to make things a little convenient for you. Now that’s not to say he’s gonna bend over backwards to accommodate with you, but he’s going to find some middle ground to compromise with your convenience. If a guy suggests a place after work that’s out of the way from where you work but is conveniently located around the corner from his place or job, then he really probably isn’t thinking too much about a great date, but maybe an easy way to get you back to his apartment. A noisy bar is a great lead into “my place is quiet and around the corner.” Also, absolutely beware of the guy who invites you to his place for a first date ESPECIALLY if you’ve never met. That guy doesn’t want to date you, he wants to bed you. I’ve heard multiple men say that even if they only had $10 to take out a date they would take her to a nice coffee shop & not invite her over to “watch Netflix”; that’s not endearing or him opening up his home to you, that’s him plotting, being cheap, and inconsiderate. If going on a date is an inconvenience for you but not for him, it’s a flag. My dad always taught me you shouldn’t make yourself so absolutely and readily available for a guy, and over the years that advice has made more and more sense.

 Sir, Your Hands

It is absolutely okay not to want to be hugged up with a guy who you really don’t know. A big issue for me on first dates is how physical men think it is okay to be. Slapping me on the ass an hour into the date is not okay for me. Men who ask why I’m not sitting closer to them, who excessively comment on my body, or feel totally at ease with laying their hand high up on my thigh without any body language from me that says “I want you to touch me”, are not okay in my book, ever. Men who can be intimately aggressive like this in the beginning have one thing in mind, and for some reason always seem to think that by being this physical they’re flattering you. When this is the progress of a date, my understanding becomes that you aren’t actively listening to me or our conversation because you’re so fixated on ensuring that you are in some form of physical contact with me. When you don’t cut these men off at the knees right here, they think that it’s an okay to get even more physically free with you. Men who essentially try to get me to sit on their laps on the first date are absolute red flags for me. I usually move their hands to a very appropriate & public place, and point out and state clearly that I’m not comfortable with so much physicality. Any man who tries to rationalize it by saying, I’m not uncomfortable with his hand but instead how society over sexualizes touch (I can’t make this shit up guys), gets my part of the bill in cash and an automatic goodnight. If this happens to you leave this date, leave this date NOW.

It’s no secret that dating is hard, no matter how you slice it. Your time and company are precious so don’t be afraid to be just a little selective when accepting a date. Keep an open mind, but pay attention to the signs and you could possibly save yourself a potentially horrific date.

Manufacturing Black Girl Magic



When I was in elementary school my favorite thing to do was go up to the chalkboard and show off my right answers in any subject, but by fifth grade I loathed & refused to do it. By then I’d hit puberty & every moment spent with my back turned to my classmates was another moment of snickers, mockery, & body shaming. I could hear it while I was working, “why is her butt  like that?” So it was no surprise when the tiniest & palest of my all white classmates came to me & blurted, “you’ve got a huge butt & it shakes when you erase. Why does it look like that?” Having been the resident pancake ass in my family, I never considered myself to have a big butt, nor was I ever self conscious about it. But the consistent teasing & shaming at the hands of my non- POC peers resulted in me hating my butt & my curves. From then until high school I wore loose fitting jeans or long skirts and boxy shirts and sweaters to hide my shape. Now fast forward to 2015 where white women are bending over backwards & physically harming themselves to look remotely close to what natural features Black women have. But Black women aren’t credited as the trendsetters, The Kardashians are. We’re praising Kim for paving the way for wide hips and curvy shapes, as if Black women haven’t had fat asses for centuries, but I digress.


4 Women To Make Your Instagram Better



It’s Women’s History Month and even though women’s history should be celebrated everyday I definitely want to take advantage of this month! Since Instagram happens to be my favorite thing I thought I would give you guys a list of some Instagram ladies who truly make my feed worth scrolling through.


The Only Beauty Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

Best Beauty Tutorial

I decided to vlog this week. So I’m bringing you the only beauty tutorial you’ll ever need and I promise that it has all the tools you need for a flawless, everyday routine. Now you know I like to talk but hate to vlog so I kept it to 3 minutes for you guys! Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Don't Call It A Comeback
Can you smell 2015 in the air? After taking about a month to get it together, I have brought back Revolutionary In Pink Pumps and it’s bigger and better than ever. Not only does the site now look better, I have more control over it, so I can add and remove whatever I’d like. In addition to an aesthetic makeover there are a few new things on the site:


How I Screwed Up 2014… Like I Knew I Would

Here’s the thing, we start every year the same, with the promise of something better, a newer sense of self, and maybe some pounds to be shed in the process.The reality of what your year looks like, however is usually very far from where it began. I started 2014 with a couple of promises to myself, but the first and most important being to value myself more in every aspect. To me that meant that I would value my abilities, my writing, and what I had to offer anyone, personally and professionally. Cue the job/internship I took, that was paying me dirt but had me working like a dog. I was running someone else’s life and business for them and was getting paid the same as people folding shirts at the Gap, while they raked in thousands. So out the window went my value of my talent. To compliment it I followed that up with a handful of really terrible relationship decisions, where I clearly compromised on the things I was looking for, convincing myself that I was young and that now was the time to “be open”. Nope, I should have been shut tight and focusing on me. There’s a long trail of mistakes and bad decisions that I’ve left in the wake of 2014, but littered along that trail are some real gems.


Sisterhood Inspires You To Be Better

Girl Wine Glass

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers brunch in the city, put together by the lovely Tyece of Twenties Unscripted. I was nervous to have brunch with a bunch of women who I had never met before. I showed up alone and nearly an hour late, courtesy of traffic and weather; I just didn’t know what to expect. But as I reached the top of the stairs I was greeted by a long table packed with loud laughter and an abundance of mimosas. From the moment I sat down I was lost in conversation about everything from fleek to the politics of respectability. The room had an amazing energy and the women were warm, smart, and fun; it was like being in a room with old friends. As a writer I’ve had doubts about my ability, direction, and decisions, but being surrounded by women who were doing what I am, and doing it well, left me feeling excited. I was reminded in that moment that sisterhood, solidarity, and friendship are some of the greatest motivators. (more…)

The Struggles of Having Eyebrows That Aren’t On Fleek


I’m one of those girls who was not blessed with eyebrows that are on fleek or the ability to pencil them into a facial hair masterpiece. I happen to know I’m not the only girl out there who suffers from a lack of fleek, so I thought to take away some Monday blues I’d share my eyebrow struggles with you. Check out the BuzzFeed post for a good Monday laugh to take off the edge from those uneven brows on your forehead.

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