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Fashion Week Blues

New York Fashion Week

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So for anyone who’s just as style obsessed as I am we all know that mid September means 2 things: My Birthday ^_^ and of course the dawning of FASHION WEEK! We get so excited at just the idea of Fashion Night Out (FNO), but have we ever stopped ourselves to ask why? The other day I was telling my friend that I was so happy I predicted the fall colors before they were announced and had already started purchasing primary pieces when he said to me “well what if you had been wrong? Would you have returned the stuff?” so I stopped and asked myself.. Would I? Honestly the answer is no, while I adore combing through fashion blogs daily it’s really more for inspiration. Now do I get excited about the announcement of fall colors? Absolutely, but they need to fall inline with my colors not the other way around. But anyway back to fashion week. Really what it is, is a collection of hyper expensive designers floating down their runway shows as we wait greedily for them to tell us what to wear next. Yet and still we love it. If you’re a college student like me I KNOW you cannot afford anything that is stomping down that runway but you would push your grandma into 5th avenue traffic just to get a taste of the show. Why does it consume us so? The upside to fashion week is of course FNO in retail stores that we can afford like Forever 21 and H&M but that’s really about it. Fashion Week comes and goes and above all else leaves us with an incomplete feeling. Deep down in your heart you know you needed that Oscar de la Renta piece you saw sliding down the runway but the most you’ll get is a taste of Anna Del Russo for H&M accessory line. Tell me how does fashion week make you feel? Is it a love hate battle or do we really know better and just obey?

Meet The Revolution

Hi guys! So where do I start? First off my name’s Ari. I’ll be 20 this Saturday and I’m a Junior in college in New Jersey. My friends say I’m an activist and I can’t lie I’d have to agree. I have a loud mouth designed to comment on anything in media, especially minority coverage. When people meet me I tell them I want to be Oprah. I want to change the way the world sees black people but more importantly black women. On top of all that I’m plus sized, a very happy size 12 (sometimes 14 lol), & I’m not ashamed to tell you. I think looking good is important because it makes YOU feel good about yourself. I’m style obsessed, yes I keep up with the latest trends but ultimately I’m going to work them around what I want to wear not the other way around. I love lipstick, pumps, the NAACP Image Awards and Centric. If you’re here to take this ride with me expectct 3 things: lots of feed and comments on black media, tons of fashion ideas, and a lot of self motivation rants. No one else can love you if you can’t love yourself.

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