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3 Reasons Every Girl Should Love a Drag Queen

Tonight is the premiere of the newest season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and I don’t know about you but I’m dying to watch this season of all-stars rock it out for the top prize. Drag queens are some of my favorite people in the world. they’re role models for me and honestly they should be role models for you too. Drag Queens should be every girl’s best friend because they teach us so much!

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Self- Appreciation
“You betta work betch!” You cannot tell a drag queen anything to tear her down. She thinks she is God’s gift to the earth and that every step she takes is a blessing. Honestly every woman should adopt this idea. As a female i find that we do not spend enough time loving ourselves. We worry about every wrinkle, extra fold of fat, spacing of our eyes, thickness of our lips and the list just goes on and on. Drag queens just don’t give a damn, they love every inch of themselves and showcase it with tight outfits and bigger hair because they’re just larger than life. Be like a drag queen. Be larger than life every day of the week.

It’s my firm belief that drag queens are at the forefront of the fashion and style world. They aren’t afraid to wear literally anything. If you watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race you see these queens make everything out of nothing. No matter what it looks like these queens will stomp down the runway like it’s Versace gracing their curves. They are not afraid to step out of the box and create something that they feel is beautiful. Again, ladies embrace this idea! Wear what makes you feel good, indulge and celebrate yourself. Wear those bright colors and prints if you love them. Buy those sickening heels that you claim you can’t wear anywhere and wear them until the soles are worn out. Enjoy getting dressed each and every morning, make it your fashion show.

I’m not sure if you’ve really paid attention to what some of the queens look like out of drag but a decent few are some really large or awkward looking men. But when they walk down the runway you would never know. I have seen drag queens who can walk in heels like it’s nothing and I certainly can’t say the same for some of the actual females I’ve seen out here. Drag Queens carry a grace about them, sometimes they are even more feminine than actual females. If you ever feel awkward or bulky or just out of place in your body take a note from a drag queen. Stand tall and make a point of being a woman. Walk through life like it’s a runway, act like people are always watching you and give them something amazing to watch.

I love drag queens. I think they are amazing. They make me feel good about myself from thiermillions of sassy sayings to their strut down the runway. I get mad at homophobes who poke fun at drag queens, they are beautiful and should be praised as amazing role models. You can read more about two of my favorite drag queens by clicking on the pictures below. And don’t forget to tune in tonight to watch the season premiere of Ru Paul’s Drag Race on Logo tonight at 9!
(Note: while I adore this show I want to remind everyone that the final presidential debates are tonight at 9 so if you watch those ( which you had better be doing) you can still catch the replay of the RuPaul episode at around 10:30)

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