Don’t Call It A Comeback

Can you smell 2015 in the air? After taking about a month to get it together, I have brought back Revolutionary In Pink Pumps and it’s bigger and better than ever. Not only does the site now look better, I have more control over it, so I can add and remove whatever I’d like. In addition to an aesthetic makeover there are a few new things on the site:

Lipstick Noir
I have a brand new section on the site called lipstick noir. This is a new project I will be launching that’s all about interacting with my lovely readers and any other women of color on the net who want to take part in. This is also another way for me to really exercise my lipstick obsession and share it with other women. Head over to the Lipstick Noir page and read the details of what’s coming and how you can get in on it!
Black Excellence
I love all things creative and innovative and I always want to celebrate them, so to kick off Black History month in February I will be starting my Black Excellence Series. This will be a means of featuring excellence in the Black community in the forms of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators. I don’t want to limit specifics, I want to focus on celebrating black excellence. For more details check out the Black Excellence page!
Inbox Love 
If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I treat it like a mini blog and that every Monday I write something to help myself and everyone who follows me appreciate themselves a little more as the week begins. My posts have spanned from succeeding in your personal and professional journey to simply making that decision to try something new for your own benefit. I want to step that up just a little bit more in 2015, so I have decided to start sending Monday love straight to your inboxes. You can sign up over on the Inbox Love page!
I’m excited to be back to blogging and interacting and 2015 is going to be a great year, I can feel it. If you’re new, welcome, and if you’re a loyal reader welcome back! Never hesitate to send me an e-mail or drop a comment and tell me how you’re feeling about the new site.

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