Holiday Fashion Cheer

Greetings Readers! It’s finally December which means it’s the holiday season, and of course that means holiday parties! Christmas is my holiday of choice but no matter which winter celebration you’re taking part in you can take all of this year’s trends and use them  to look super fierce for every holiday party! So I’ve taken the liberty of throwing together a couple of looks via Polyvore to help spice up your holidays!

Forget LBD Think LGDLittle Gold Dress

Everyone knows the easiest go to piece for any sophisticated party is the little black dress but this season it’s still all about the gold so let’s think little gold dress instead! A simple elegant gold sheath dress is a perfect piece to pair with some simple pumps and some stellar accessories. This Diane Von Furstenberg  dress is one of my favorites. It’s an elegant way to play up sequins without looking tacky. A statement necklace piece in contrasting colors and a showstopping dark ruby lip will make you the center of attention at any holiday function .

Peplum Christmas Angel

One of this yAngelic Gold Vintage Peplumears most popular trends has been the return of the peplum fringe. From dresses to fitted tops, peplum is a fun flirty trend that can really add flare to any outfit. I personally only like peplum when it’s structured, otherwise it flops everywhere and just looks unflattering for any body shape. But when it’s done right peplum gives the appearance of hips and slims your middle. This dress is another way to embrace the gold trend and throws peplum into the mix. The white paired with the glittery gold gives a soft angelic


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