In a Society Obsessed With Ass

In a society obsessed with ass, where having a masters means less than having a fatty, and twerking is the focus of social conversation. In a society obsessed with the fleek of eyebrows & the laying of edges. It’s really difficult to feel beautiful. It’s hard to remember that ass is brought & knowledge is earned. That your pound of flesh perched on your behind doesn’t define your self-worth. It’s hard to remember that stretch marks are natural, hair grows how it feels, & that your backside isn’t a garden designed to sprout an onion. You forget that with or without your kohl wing you are the same girl. In a society of waist trainers and cinchers, we’ve trained ourselves to exist in impossible standards. Where we look like impossible dolls, our impossible minds created. In a society that demands the impossibility of perfection, you will always be imperfect.

I think it’s extremely important to take time to remind yourself that you’re one person, you’re human, and you were not created to alter who you were already assigned to be. What is the point of contouring for the after, if you refuse to allow people to see your before? You’re not in competition with anyone but yourself, and sometimes you are your own worst enemy. If you can’t stand in front of the mirror and love yourself for what appears before you in the nude, then you have failed yourself as your own motivator. The only one to make you beautiful is you, and your self-worth is self defined.

Don’t miss out on the greater path for yourself by becoming distracted with the flash of fat asses and false lashes. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and heels. I couldn’t imagine my life without lipstick, but I don’t cry over the fact that my ass isn’t the roundest, my hair isn’t the curliest, and my eyebrows are far from fleek. There is too much else to cry about and we’re too beautiful for that. Besides… even Nicki’s butt is plastic.Nicki-Minaj-0

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