4 Women To Make Your Instagram Better



It’s Women’s History Month and even though women’s history should be celebrated everyday I definitely want to take advantage of this month! Since Instagram happens to be my favorite thing I thought I would give you guys a list of some Instagram ladies who truly make my feed worth scrolling through.


Melinda Alexander 


 I’ve been following Melinda for probably about a year and a half now and I absolutely adore everything about her pure honesty when she talks about her development as a person. Melinda shares with you as she has said to me before “ [the many] lives she’s lived” through her photos. Originally I began following her because she has some bad ass fashion and style choices and as a serious jewelry junkie, her bling game is flawless; but her fashion and style choices convey more about Melinda’s story. Her selfies come with lessons about accepting the person you are, for who you want to be. She changes her hair, rocks out mixed crazy prints, and has totally redefined the sexiness of caftans. Melinda’s photos remind you that you’re human, that she’s human and her love of makeup and accessories is purely a love and not something to cover up or hide anything. All that she’s learned from her past lives she shares with you. She define’s her field as women’s work and I can’t think of a better title for what she does. Melinda is who you follow for your dose of reality in color, she can be defined as a body positive IG but honestly she gives so much more, she’s the spirit animal you wish you had, and I can promise that following her can only make your IG feed better.


Yagazie Emezi



Yagazie just loves life. It’s essentially a statement of fact. Her feed is full of vibrant and colorful pictures of her journeys and everyday life and she’s not afraid of sharing. I started following her about 6 months ago after I stumbled onto one of her adorable illustrations. Her drawings make you laugh and smile and they are always relatable. She explained in a post once that her doodles were born out of her own battles with sad moments and how her character became her outlet. This is another IG lady whose honesty is deeply refreshing and shows how sharing your own struggles and triumphs can and will help others. Not only are her doodles fun and inspiring but the girl will give you the most insane hair envy. Her fro’ is the definition of flourish. It’s full, healthy looking, and gorgeous. Yagazie’s free spirit makes her IG feed so much fun, as she shares colorful glimpses of her life.






I honestly can’t remember how I came across Honor Curves, it may have been through the #honormycurves hashtag or a fellow plus size instagrammer but either way finding this fabulous lady on IG was a gift. The whole idea behind Honor Curves is that it is a self love IG that true to the name is about honoring every type of curve out there. Honorine is all about sharing with you how she lives each day loving every part of herself and is not restricted by any societal norm about her size. Not to mention she puts together some bomb ass outfits that destroy the notion that a girl can’t wear literally whatever she wants. She definitely works to create a space in which women are praised for who they are exactly as they are and features stories of women who have been inspired to love themselves. Honor is super sweet to her followers on Instagram and is all about dishing out praise and positive affirmations.


Shawanna Davis




The BeBeautifulla page is all about the melanin visual aesthetic. I absolutely adore ‘Wanna’s’ IG page because it features these amazingly curated breathtaking images of the Black aesthetic. Every picture that she posts is well thought out and is accompanied by beautiful words. Sometimes they’re poems, sometimes quotes, or sometimes just thoughts. Scrolling through puts you in a place of loving the skin you’re in, and even if you’re not Black, there’s no way you can’t appreciate the beauty in the combination of words and photos that she posts. She also happens to be the star of Black and Sexy TV’s “Finding Nia”, which is well worth your time to watch. As a bonus Shawanna and Melinda (mumumansion) seem to be really good friends which somehow just completes a circle of epic-ness.


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