You Will Never Be “THAT GIRL”

You will never fit perfectly in your jeans.
Your eyebrows will never be identical.
Your lipstick will never be precisely straight and your eyeliner wings will always be uneven.
You will never be that girl.
You will wake up on occasion and want to be that girl, lament at the fact that you are not.
It’s okay though.
I will never be that girl, she will never be that girl.
You will always be THIS GIRL.
You will always be a masterpiece.
Your jeans will show everything you’re afraid of, and that’s perfect.
Your lipstick will smudge, and that’s perfect.
Your eyeliner wing will flop, and that’s perfect.
Being THIS GIRL, is perfect.


Makeup Courtesy of Sweating. Because I’m Not Ashamed of My Naked Face.

We waste too much time in life lamenting over our inability to be that girl, when that girl doesn’t even exist. Your makeup isn’t designed to hide, correct, or manage. It is to enhance and highlight and celebrate. You don’t need it, but you like it and that’s ok. A man asked me why I hid my face under makeup and I had to ask why he thought I was hiding. I was celebrating my full lips, my wide nose, and my big eyes. What is surrounded by my makeup isn’t a mystery, you’ve seen me without it. I’m not ashamed. Don’t let anyone shame you for your pink/purple/orange lipstick and black liner wing. All that matters is that you know you are THIS GIRL.

2 Comments on You Will Never Be “THAT GIRL”

  1. bevkemunto
    June 27, 2014 at 9:27 am (2 years ago)

    Been binge reading your blogs, this brought me to tears :’)
    Keep doing you boo, you cannot even begin to imagine how much of an inspiration your real-talk is!!!!!!
    I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing the things you do!!

    • Ariel Leconte
      July 10, 2014 at 1:21 am (2 years ago)

      I’m always so happy to hear when what I’ve written can do something g for others, it’s like the greatest thing you can give a writer. Thank you so much for the love!


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